PROLEVELING – revolutionary, innovative tile levelling system

PROLEVELING is an innovative and revolutionary tile levelling system which provides effective assistance primarily in laying medium and large-sized tiles faster and more precisely.

Possible tile thickness: 3mm – 40mm Possible joint thicknesses: 1, 2, 3 and 5mm

  1. Fast, simple laying of tiles
  2. Only spacers and caps are required to use (no need for expensive pliers)
  3. Straight, T-shape and cross spacers
  4. 1mm - 2mm - 3mm - 5mm thick spacers
  5. Only perpendicular forces on the tiles: they do not move away from each other
  6. Spacers have extremely thin and perforated soles
  1. Slid the levelling spacers under the tiles with fresh glue.
  2. Screw the levelling cap gently to set smooth, flat surface between the tiles.
  3. After the conclusion of the glue, remove the spacers together with the caps with shoes or rubber mallet.
  4. With the CAP REMOVER the levelling caps can be quickly and easily removed from the spacers, which can be reused.